Westford mill

    Westford mill W101S - Shopping bag with short handles

    Reference: W101S400
    • 38x42cm
    • Noir
    • Surf Blue
    • Bright Royal
    • Classic Red
    • French Navy
    • Blanc
    • Naturel
    • Graphite Grey

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    The Westford Mill W101S bag with short handles is the ideal accessory to accompany you while shopping. If you're tired of bags that wear out quickly, choose this durable and functional bag made of 100% cotton at a weight of 140gsm. The 40cm wrist length ensures a secure grip and allows you to carry this bag without straining your wrist, even if your purchases are quite heavy. This bag measures 38 x 42 cm and has a capacity of 10 liters, which is more than enough for your small shopping, but you can also use it to carry items from home. Choice is yours as this bag has a solid color available in white, french navy, black, graphite gray, and natural.

    Reference: W101S
    Manufacture: 100% Cotton
    Weight: 140 gsm
    Colors: 5 Colors available
    Size: 38 x 42cm
    Capacity: 10L


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